Friday, 29 April 2011

Siblings in Rock - A Video Playlist

Here's a video playlist for y'all. This could have been so much longer but I kept nodding off while trawling through clips of The Corrs. Please add some suggestions for additions in the comments box, I may add them to the list. I'm gonna dedicate this to my brothers, you drive me up the wall sometimes but I love you to bits. Enjoy!

 Click over the jump for my video playlist

1. The Kinks

The original fighting brothers, Ray and Dave. Tales of cymbals being thrown onstage are the stuff of legend. Here they are with one of my favourite Kinks songs "Apeman".

2. Hanson 

It was either this or The Jonas Brothers. Here's their big hit smasher "MMMBop". I look forward to the rehab years.

3. The Jackson 5

How could I not include this! Their finest moment, "I Want You Back".

4. The Osmonds

The white Jackson 5, immortalised in cartoon form. Strangely enough The Jackson 5 also had a cartoon, well worth searching for on YouTube.

5. The Proclaimers 

Twins with the surname Reid from Scotland. Keeping it in the family.

6. The Jesus And Mary Chain

Also from Scotland, also with the surname Reid. Weird huh!

7. The Breeders

Sisters Kim and Kelley. 90's indie classic.

8. The Carpenters

Bro & sis Richard and Karen. She was also a great drummer. I kid ye not.Tragedy was to follow but at least there's still the music.

9. The Bee Gees

Mega sellers from 60's baroque pop, through disco and beyond. Parodied here by Kenny Everett.

10. Sparks

One pretty boy, one Hitler lookalike, one brilliant band. My pal Ian has this as his mobile ringtone.

11. The Webb Sisters

Recently got into these, Kent sisters Charley and Hattie. Leonard Cohen digs them too, they were a recent Cohen tour support.

12. Rolf Harris

A song of brotherly love. May make you cry.

13. Chess Records

The Chess record label was started by brothers Phil and Leonard Chess, loads of classic records followed. Here's a documentary about it all

14. The Beach Boys

Dysfunctional? Well yes, but the music was ace. A clip from Ready Steady Go.

15. Oasis - Wibbling Rivalry

Hilarious interview from the fighting Gallaghers, sounds like a chat between my own brothers. Families eh!