Friday, 18 November 2011

White horses in music - A Video Playlist

Waves crashing, pagan symbolism, drug reference, spiritual redeemer, or maybe just a horse. If you look back over rock and dance music's history there's a fine tradition of the old white horse appearing out of the mist. A loaded metaphor in so many ways. A shame then that perhaps the greatest horse song, The Byrds' Chestnut Mare doesn't feature a white horse! No mind, for our purposes we're sticking with the white ones. The LP cover above is XTC's English Settlement. It seemed to sum up the mystical vibe of at least some of the tracks in this list. Until the next white horse comes along, feast your eyes on the playlist. Saddle up and let's ride!

Click over the jump for my video playlist.

1. Goldfrapp - Ride A White Horse

A great start to this playlist. Dance loves the horse more than anyone. 

2. Taylor Swift - White Horse

Even middle America digs the horse.

3. Jackie Lee - White Horses

Famous TV show's opening sequence. Perhaps the quintessential white horse moment?

4. Jeff Buckley - Mojo Pin

"...Don't want to weep for you / Don't want to know / I'm blind and tortured / The white horses flow..."

Great performance from Buckley junior at Glastonbury 1995.

5. Van Morrison - Slim Slow Slider

No video as such for this but it's just too great to leave off the list. The horse appears in Ladbroke Grove 1968. " Slim slow slider / Horse she rides is white as snow.."

6. Laid Back - White Horse 

Definitely drugs.

7. Jessica 6 - White Horse

Probably drugs.

8. Buck Owens & Susan Raye - The Great White Horse

Even country music gets on and rides.

9. Kilo Ali - White Horse

Politically incorrect video and lyrics. Apologies in advance.

10. Tommy Cash - Six White Horses

Johnny's brother has six of 'em!