Friday, 28 September 2012

Temples - The Golden Throne/Shelter Song

One of my favourite new bands of the year is Temples. I was fortunate to be at the Green Man Festival in August and witnessed their set in the Far-Out tent on the Thursday night. They describe themselves as a neo-psych duo (though the addition of a drummer for their live set indicates they may now be a three piece). 

Their sound is a modern, guitar-led take on '60s west-coast psych. Tastefully retro, and done extremely well. If that's not enough, factor in the fact that they look cool as liquid nitrogen onstage, the lead singer/guitarist has that classic skinny white-boy with afro look going on, while the bassist nonchalantly stands to the side, holding it all all together with McCartney-esque bass runs.

I'm not sure if they've secured a record deal as yet but judging by the two tracks on their Soundcloud page it can't be long before some ink is drying. Do yourself a favour and check them out on Facebook or Twitter before the rest of the world catches on. I've "widgeted" their two online songs here too for your listening convenience.