Sunday, 23 December 2012

Thee Attacks - That's Mister Attack To You

Gettin' feisty with Denmark's latest contenders for the garage rock crown.

If you want that authentic 60's beat and garage sound there's a couple of places in Europe you could go, the best choice by far being Liam Watson's Toe Rag Studios. That's where Denmark's gutsy retro-rockers Thee Attacks chose to record their debut album. And for those who care about these things (and you should) it's in punch-packing mono.

The band's sound unashamedly harks back to the early to mid 1960's proto-mod and Brit group R & B. Think pills, think sharp dressed youths, think ripped-speaker rawness. Think live bands at Liverpool's Cavern or Hamburg's Star Club or Kaiserkeller. The closest comparison musically would be The Who or more specifically The Detours or The High Numbers. With no room for introspection and highfaluting concepts, this is music for letting off steam to, music for dancing all night to, music that's stripped back to basics, no sloppy jamming, or extraneous polishing, just tight up-tempo songs played with energy and ruck inducing attitude. It's refreshingly unpretentious and well executed.

The band will be back on UK shores for some live dates early next year, until then this LP will do nicely.

Click here for Thee Attacks' website.