Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Movements - The Death Of John Hall D.Y. 7"

Fantastic new 7" from Swedish psych rockers. Released on September 27th on Crusher Records.

My latest jam/earworm (or whatever they're calling them now) is the forthcoming single by Swedish pysch rock band The Movements. "The Death Of John Hall D.Y." has a heavy mid to late '60s folk-rock vibe, slightly borrows its ascending melody and feel from The Byrds "Eight Miles High" and injects a majestic sense of melodrama and sumptuous vocal harmonies.

It's a definite movement (see what I did there?) for the band, away from their garage rock roots, towards something grander, more ambitious. As a taster for the forthcoming 2 albums (yes 2!) it bodes well. Like Elephants 1 is released later this year, with Like Elephants 2 coming early next year. Do investigate!

The Movements are - David Henriksson - Vocals, Gustaf Gimstedt - Keyboards, Christian "Krita" Johansson - Guitar,  Daniel "Dolly" Petersson - Bass, Thomas Widholm - Drums.

Band photo by Anders Bergstedt.