Sunday, 6 April 2014

Boho Dancer - Gemini (Bonus Version)

Emotional nu-folk from Copenhagen. Boho Dancer re-release their debut album with an additional three extra tracks.

In his book Japrocksampler, Julian Cope presents a theory about similarities in the national outlook of British, Japanese and Danish people. It boils down to a backs-turned belief that all other countries would be OK if only they followed more closely our example. Having never travelled to Japan or Denmark I couldn't possible say whether this theory hold any water, though after having listened to Danish folk-pop trio Boho Dancer, it appears he may be onto something. Certainly the music they make evokes a mood and a landscape familiar to anyone fond of exploring the peaks, moors and dales of Britain's backbone. Their mainly acoustic instrumentation has a timeless, elemental, fire and brimstone quality, which when combined with their Brit-folk inspired melodies bring to mind frosty early mornings, the sadness of distant car headlights glimpsed from a windswept moor, dark skies and deep, still fjords.

Boho Dancer are Simun Mohr, Asker Bjork and Ida Wenoe. They hail from Copenhagen, the capital city sinister fairy tales. Their debut album Gemini is getting a deserved re-release next month as a bonus version with three extra tracks. For the most part it's acid-folk with a touch of Scandinavian noir. Frosted, breathy vocals combine with understated, tasteful playing to invoke a melancholy, wintry mood. It's music that's mysterious and enticing. Like a cliff-top romance it's welcome and exhilarating yet with an ever present sense of danger. Like a Bronte novel set to music. Emo-folk anybody? Over here in Blighty, we've recently cottoned on to Scandinavian crime dramas. On the strength of this album their music will surely find a similar place in our hearts. Fans of Pentangle, Sandy Denny, PJ Harvey, Karen Dalton, First Aid Kit, early Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan's John Wesley Harding LP will find much to like here.

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