Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Simones – Majic Ship (7”)

Cult US guitarist makes his first appearance on 7” vinyl.

Al Simones is the cult American guitarist whose four private-pressing LPs have emerged on his own Purple Phrogg imprint over the last 20 odd years gathering him a small but dedicated fanbase. This stand alone 7” featuring two of the artist's favourite back catalogue tracks marks his debut on 7” vinyl.

The A-side, Majic Ship, shifts from full-on acid-rock through lilting acoustic interludes and back again. It has a vocal melody catchy enough for the milkman to whistle, yet still manages to be a guitar player's wet dream. The guitar solo is extraordinary, does everything you hope it will and more. With a guitar sound Hendrix would be pushed to match, the extraordinary guitar solo does everything you hope it will and more besides.

Despite a whole raft of effects - panning, phasing, sustain and distortion, it's the playing, pyrotechnics and imagination involved that makes the track so special. Factor in the equally enthralling flipside, Seize The Moment, and it's obvious that Al Simones could well be the best and most psychedelic guitarist you've never heard of. Headspin Records re-released his four albums in a box-set in 2012 which is well worth tracking down, but this 7” makes an amazing taster and entry point.

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