Monday, 11 May 2015

Klaus Johann Grobe – Self Titled EP

Swiss duo's über rare debut EP gets a well deserved wider release. Dance friendly Krautrock, electro and post-punk funk vie for space on this 12” reissue.

Anyone looking to shake off the comfort blanket of English language music could do worse than check out this re-release of Klaus Johann Grobe's debut EP. The Swiss duo have fans in high places, as evidenced by endorsements and tour supports from pysch band du jour Temples. Though their music is no less psychedelic than that made by Temples, it's a musical strand that owes more to bass-propelled electro than it does to floppy fringes, vintage clothes and guitar pedals.

If the Temples recommendation is not enough you'll no doubt be wondering what this 12” slab of vinyl has to offer - Six tracks that mix early '70s Krautrock, '80s post-punk, Teutonic funk and electro. Add some eerie sci-fi synth lines and vocals all sung in German and you're somewhere close. It's a sound that contains echoes of the past while simultaneously pointing at possibilities for the future. All served up with a hefty dose of humour and panache.

As the duo's second LP gets a release via Trouble In Mind Records, Liverpool based label Salvation Records have wisely re-released this debut EP which was originally released in 2013 on a very limited pressing (only 168 copies on 10” vinyl). This wider release is now on 12” vinyl and digital download. Also worth checking out are Salvation's growing catalogue of fine new underground releases and well-curated reissues. Klaus Johann Grobe will be making several summer festival appearances over the coming months, get down the front if you get the chance.

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