Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Paolo Spaccamonti - Rumors

A David Axelrod for the alt-rock and electronic generation!

Not a remake of the Fleetwood Mac bestselling LP as some might hope, this is an entirely different beast made up of arty instrumentals. In much the same way that Daxid Axelrod mixed rhythm and blues with third stream music to create something contemplative and with a deeper resonance, Paolo Spaccamonti mixes alt-rock, looped chord sequences and soundscapes that at first listen seem beguiling but over time reveal a transporting power all of their own.

His technique of repetition and layering is at times in danger of being bogged down by its own seriousness but he does do it rather well. Deeper listening shows there to be a myriad of influences and styles at play; post-punk industrial guitars, a nod to OMD's Dazzle Ships, a touch of sludge-rock on the album's heavier moments, and even some Robert Kirby style pastoral strings on the closing track 'Fango'. Spaccamonti already has some impressive collaborations to his name both live and in the studio. This solo outing will cement his already growing reputation.

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