Sunday, 7 February 2016

SMASH Fashion - Junkie Luck (Ltd. 7")

LA's premier junkshop glam outfit return with a brand new 7”!

The current cachet of junkshop glam seems to be spreading. The Italians are well represented by Giuda and Faz Waltz of course, and the UK has Ulysses, but in glam's capital city of LA where glamour and sleaze go together like Jack 'n' Coke, or er... Hugh and Divine, there's the mighty SMASH Fashion, the self-confessed dandy-rockers whose penchant for power chords is matched only by their fondness of the dressing-up box.

Their LP Big Cat Love won over a new legion of fans in 2014 and the band now follow it up with a brand new 7” on lovely bright red vinyl. 'Junkie Luck' turns the feelgood factor up to ten, and features a tale inspired by Lee Harvey Oswald Band guitarist Zowie Fenderblast. If bands with sunglasses indoors, floppy velvet hats, and Flying V guitars is your thing look no further. And this band has tunes made for both FM and AM radio. The A-side is the sonic equivalent of a Chunky Kit-Kat, big on melody and riffs and a real sugar boost! The flip shows the band's roots via an equally enjoyable stab at Golden Earring's Long Blond Animal'. As welcome as a backstage pass! Let's party!

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