Sunday, 3 April 2016

New band alert - Prana Crafter

A new name to me but one well worthy of attention is Prana Crafter, the musical vehicle for one William Sol. Hailing from the deep wilderness of Washington State's woodlands, his mix of homespun acid-folk and meditative new-age soundscapes perfectly captures the inherent melancholy of all points north.

His latest album release Rupture of Planes (on US label Deep Water Acres) is a great starting point, and takes its cues from vintage British acid-folk but opens it up with a widescreen American feel. This tumbleweed meets mushroom approach is a surprisingly intoxicating one, the music veering from the pastoral to the full on electric freakouts often within the same track, finger picked acoustic guitars give way to bristling electric solos in a manner not dissimilar to the recent LP from Heron Oblivion.

Weather, forests and landscape are returning themes, as are their effects on human moods and psyche. Fans of the aforementioned Heron Oblivion, The Greek Theatre, or nature mysticism in general will find much to enjoy here. Also worthy of investigation is the Opal Crown Transmission EP available via Prana Crafter's Bandcamp page. Check out the links to both releases below.

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