Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Mojo Brothers - Don't Lie To Me/Marie Ann (7”)

Garage brudders debut 7” - OUT NOW!

Currently taking pride of place on my turntable is this stomping 7” from Mojo Brothers, a two-piece garage band outta Germany. While a claim to be the world's smallest garage band may be disputed by The White Stripes, The Black Keys, Cowbell et al, they may well be the loudest! And unlike The White Stripes they can truthfully claim to be siblings. In your face Jack White!
Raucous fuzzy soul is the order of the day on the single's A-side, all pounding beats, snarly guitar and the pair's trademark harmony vocals. Imagine if the Everly Brothers had been punk rockers and you get the idea. Flipside 'Marie Ann' taps into a more '50s rock 'n' roll vibe complete with mid-song guitar wig-out.
So how do they manage live as a two piece? Well the drums and organ sound all come from Roman's keyboard. Neat huh! Anyways check out the video for 'Don't Lie To Me' below and head over to their lablel website to order a copy of the vinyl. Rock on!

Mojo Brothers are -
Roman (Drums, Bass, Organ, Vocals)
Matthias (Guitar, Vocals)

Click here for Off Label Records.

MOJO BROTHERS - Don't lie to me from MOJO BROTHERS on Vimeo.

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