Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Lancashire Hustlers - Adventure

Brent Thorley and Ian Pakes return with the final part in their trilogy of pop operas.

The previous LP from The Lancashire Hustlers, 2015's What Made Him Run, was a distinctly British concept album of sorts which focused on the corrupting nature of ambition and rampant capitalism. This time round the London-based duo turn their eyes outwards towards the wider world with a globe and time-straddling travelogue. Whereas What Made Him Run had a small screen kitchen-sink feel, Adventure has a broader cinematic quality to it. A kaleidoscopic musical journey, its juxtaposition of styles and textures acts as a soundtrack to an as yet un-made movie, taking in soul, psych, rock, country and more, all held together via the pairs' pleasing vocal harmonies, and a loosely themed narrative.
The are songs about the Titanic ('White Star Liner'), the points where science and politics meet ('An Expert Dies'), camper-van road trips ('Desert Drive') and plenty more besides. This concept of travel and pioneering permeates all the songs not only lyrically but musically too. A rich expensive tapestry of sound woven by an exotic range of instruments. Indian tamboura, autoharp, African Kalimba, lap-steel guitar and Metallophone all make an appearance. (Yes I had to Google the last one too!)
As this is the third and final album in their trilogy of “pop operas” it's unclear what The Lancashire Hustlers plan to do next. One can only hope they'll continue working together. Time will tell but in the meantime, feast your ears on their releases so far.

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