Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Moloko+ - Bite The Hand/I Wonder (Ltd 7"/cassette)

Nineties nuggets from Hull resurface for limited vinyl and cassette release!

When I think back to the early nineties, I'm equal parts nostalgia and embarrassment. There I was, a young man in my early twenties who could get away with wearing white jeans. I may have thought I was the dog's gonads but truth be told I was more likely a bit of a doofus. Anyway there's the embarrassment dealt with. The nostalgia aspect is bolstered by the fact that there was a lot of great music around. It was pre-Internet so people still “went out” to meet people rather than swiping, liking and commenting on other folks' profiles. Remember that?

I'm reminded of all this thanks to two demos recorded back in those days by Hull band Moloko+. 'Bite The Hand' and 'I Wonder' are now getting a limited 7” vinyl and a cassette release thanks to the Fruits de Mer and Eggs In Aspic labels respectively.

I regularly attended gigs at Hull's Adelphi club around that time but never saw the band play, though I do have hazy memories of seeing the name on the Adelphi's hand written photocopied flyers. It's a shame I never got to see them as the music would have been right up my alley at the time. A hint of The La's, guitar work inspired by Johnny Marr, and songs that pay attention to the melody and and vocal harmonies. There are plenty of bands from that time whose music wasn't as good but managed to secure record deals and column inches of press. Strange world eh!

Moloko+ may be no more but it's reassuring to know that Simon Dowson from the band is still making original music as the frontman in The Gold Needles.

If you fancy a nostalgic bowler hatted nod to the nineties, the music contained on this 7”/ and or cassette is well worth a listen. Just don't ask me fit into those white jeans again!

Click here for Fruits de Mer Records.
Click here for Eggs In Aspic Records.
Click here for The Gold Needles on Twitter.

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