Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hanni El Khatib - Will The Guns Come Out

Best get tooled up, here comes some raw and dangerous garage punk-soul.

For folks that needed to phone a helpline when The White Stripes confirmed they'd split, a new gunslinger's in town. LA musician Hanni El Khatib takes his inspiration from the greasy underbelly of the great American songbook, those lesser celebrated R&B, soul, blues and doo-wop songs from the 50's and 60's whose sinister sentiments marked a time when rock and roll was truly dangerous. When gang fights, hot rods and cheap kicks were all the kids needed for a good night out.

You may be familiar with his cover of Funkadelic's “I Got A Thing” from a recent Nike commercial, featured on the album as a bonus track. The song is stripped down to a raw and ready garage rocker, all fuzz guitar, snapping drums and throat stripping vocals. 

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There's a menacing air present throughout most of this eleven song album, like knuckledusters at the fairground, there's an element of danger that somehow heightens the excitement. ”Build, Destroy, Rebuild” is a simple 2chorder featuring that always a pleasure ripped speaker guitar sound. “Fuck It, You Win” is a bass driven resignation, proving that loser's sometimes have the best tunes.

The low-rent version of Elvis' “Heartbreak Hotel” evokes a more cockroach infested place than when Mr Presley resided there. It's not all gloom and confrontation though, the acoustic guitar based “Wait Wait Wait” and “Garbage City” show that behind the tough front lurks a soft and sensitive heart.

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Will The Guns Come Out is released on Innovative Leisure Records