Sunday, 25 November 2012

Vinny Peculiar - Other People Like Me

Early 70's inspired observational and skewed Britpop from suburban Manchester. Crack open the Watneys Party Seven!

Alan Wilkes AKA Vinny Peculiar is in a nostalgic mood. For his latest studio album, the Salford maverick is taking a wry and wistful look back to the era of art infused glam-rock. With references to Bowie, Alice Cooper, Page Three Stunnas, Wigan Casino and Mott The Hoople throughout it's part celebration of those times, but one which is tempered by the confessional and painful adolescent regrets retold in the lyrics. The effect is like a more melancholy Jarvis Cocker. Stories of stealing Cream Eggs from the Post Office, signing on, and dodgy haircuts abound.

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The time travelling theme is continued in the music too, with stompy drums, brash and ballsy Mick Ronson style guitar lines, and early Roxy Music keyboards. Not unlike Denim's Back In Denim album, it's all redolent of V-necked star jumpers, long-hair, man-made fibres, and Tamla Motown nights in pub back-rooms. Funny, but at the same time tinged with a sadness that lesser writers would be unable to pull off.

With guest musicians including Bonehead (ex-Oasis) and fellow arch-britpopper Luke Haines (The Auteurs, Black Box Recorder), it's obvious that Vinny Peculiar is well regarded among his peers. Perhaps this album will garner some long overdue public recognition.

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Other People Like Me is released on Shadrack And Duxbury Records.