Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Carter Tanton - Freeclouds

Ex-Tulsa frontman's impressive blend of indie, country and electronica. Plus that voice!

David Bowie may have retired as recent reports suggest, but even his earliest music continues to resonate with younger musicians, as is evident on Freeclouds, the debut solo album from Carter Tanton. Its title along with several of the tracks reference Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud, Bowie's ode to loneliness and disassociation that was originally on the B-side of Space Oddity.

It's clear that Mr. Tanton is a mighty fine singer, possessing a voice that the Chris Martins of this world would give up their uniforms for. No need for histrionics or show stopping tricks, just a reliance on the beauty of its unique tone. His voice alone is reason enough to investigate this record, released on the ever reliable Western Vinyl label. Factor in the strength of the song-writing and it would be foolish not to check it out. Over the course of ten songs, Tanton displays his knack for writing tender tunes and lyrics in differing while maintaining his own high standards throughout; from anthemic indie (Murderous Joy, Horrorscope), spacey electronica (Fake Pretend) and nu-folk (Gauze Of Song, Nylon), through to wistful country (Saturday). Reflective without being maudlin, it's timing couldn't be better for anyone wanting to escape forced Christmas cheer for a little wintry introspection.