Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Robyn Hitchcock - Love From London

He's back with a brand new long player! Out now!

Robyn Hitchcock is one of the most idiosyncratic songwriters around. He also made one of my all-time favourite albums, Moss Elixir, an absolutely perfect record which I must write about at length sometime.

For now though let's concentrate on his latest record, Love From London, which is released this week on YepRoc. The man himself has very kindly made a track-by-track guide to the album, neatly broken down into side 1 and side 2. Check out the videos below to find out where his head's at. Or even better, get along to a show.

Love From London - Track by track, side 1 - 

 Love From London - Track by track, side 2 -