Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Wicked Whispers - Voodoo Moon

Gently sinister psych-pop vibes from Liverpool quintet.

Liverpool's Wicked Whispers have released a follow up to previous 7” “Dandelion Eyes” (Read my review here). It's called “Voodoo Moon” and is perhaps an even more accomplished and refined affair building on their softly sinister psych sound. Authentically 60s, Farfisa organ underpins the gentle yet unsettling track, not unlike the work of Jacco Gardner. Think the Coral at their finest, or a smoother take on The Seeds' garage sound.

Flipside “Nightbird” is a more energised track which recalls early Doors, lysergically tinged and propelled by rolling bass guitar and snappy drums. Complete with guitar and sax wig-out at the end. Things bode well for a debut album.

Recorded at the legendary Toe-Rag studio, the single is out now on Electone Records. Get with it kids!