Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Young Sinclairs - Engineer Man 7"

Virginian Anglophiles' jangle pop classic gets a 7” release courtesy of Market Square Records.

Though the track has been around for some time now, dating back to Feel Bad, their self-released debut LP from 2007, the glorious powerpop classic that is 'Engineer Man' is now available on a 7” single thanks to garage aficionado Paul Messis, the man behind Market Square Records. With a nod to Pete Townshend's third person songwriting, The Byrds' fok-rock jangle and a whole host of latter day Paisley Underground bands, lead Sinclair Samuel J Lunsford has crafted a mini pop-opera perfectly suited to the 7” format. Like an out-take from The Who Sells Out, the A-side brims with spirited energy, melodic twists and turns and exquisite harmonies. Flip it over and you'll be no less disappointed, B-side 'Problems' takes a more personal, melancholic stance. Less immediate maybe but after a couple of listens its heartfelt lyrics will carry a deep resonance for anyone who's ever taken time to do a little soul searching. It's those Who comparisons that stand out most, right down to the Keith Moon-like fills. In a fairer world this would right now be giving Daft Punk serious competition for that smash summer single crown, as it is we can keep it as our secret.

'Engineer Man' is out now on Market Square Records. (Limited to 300 copies).