Saturday, 14 May 2016

Papernut Cambridge - Love The Things Your Lover Loves

They are the 'nut, the 'nut, the Papernut! Happy Hauntology for now people!

We've covered Papernut cambridge's last two LPs on Harmonic Distortion before, 2014's There's No Underground and last year's cover set Nutlets 1967-80. Both great albums, but incredibly the band have found an extra gear. Their latest album, Love The Things Your Lover Loves, continues the theme of the preceding records ('70s-inspired upbeat glam-pop) but brings it into sharper focus.

Papernut Cambridge are a loose collective put together by head 'nut Ian Button, a musician who first came to prominence in the 1980s with Thrashing Doves and is perhaps best known as guitarist for Death In Vegas. For all his his '80s success and art-rock renown he comes across here as someone who thinks music peaked in 1973 with David Essex's “Rock On”. He might just have a point!

Love The Things Your Lover Loves features music that's informed by the soundtrack of childhood, but not in a wistful, nostalgic, life-was-better-then way, there's more of a positivity about it, it's more upbeat and celebratory. Call it Happy Hauntology if you want a genre. Button's take on retro-ish, warm, humanistic pop for now people has reached a new peak.

Whether celebrating fine monastic wines (Chartreuse), appreciating your loved ones (title track), or exercising some lyrical whimsy (St Nicholas Vicarage) the album has a much need optimism and feelgood factor about it, which chimes nicely with it's early summer release. This is complimented by the simple but effective artwork - a refreshingly simple two-coloured heart logo that's crying out to be stencilled onto a brick walls all over the country.

As always with Papernut Cambridge the album comes in a variety of different formats and options, full details of which can be found on the band's website. A special treat for analogue fans is the vinyl version which comes as two white vinyl 10” housed in a High Street style carrier bag (and true to the '70s spirit they won't charge you an extra 5p for it!)

Click here for Papernut Cambridge's website.
Click here for Papernut Cambridge on Twitter.
Click here for Gare Du Nord Records.

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