Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Rainbow Ffolly - Ffollow Up

(This review first appeared in issue 59 of Shindig! magazine)
Footprints LP

This year's unlikeliest comeback is the return of Rainbow Ffolly, the psychedelic pop group whose sole LP from 1968, Sallies Fforth, (released on Parlophone no less!) is now a much sought after psych-era artefact. Forty eight years on and the band's second album expands their unique strain of quirkedelia, contains the same playful humour, and displays an array of styles with prog, jazz and country all getting a look in. Of particular interest to fans of their '60s work is 'Tour de Fforce' which references their days of touring in a clockwork ambulance!

There are moments of seriousness though, and throughout the band come across as gifted musicians. Not surprising to learn then that bassist Roger Newell and guitarist John Dunsterville went on to tour with Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble in the '70s. Ffollow Up is proof that where '60s culture is concerned the ffootnotes are often more ffun than the main text.

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