Sunday, 20 March 2016

George Harrison Soul Man Vol. 1 (Illustrated Discography by John Blaney)

In depth look at The Quiet One's extra-curricular and post-Fabs releases!

If, like me you're a massive Beatles fan, no doubt your bookshelves already groan under the weight of books on the world's most famous scousers. You probably ask yourself how many more times can I read about those four psychedelic horsemen, what they did, and from what perspective? The answer is of course many many more times. It's a story that never gets boring. And if it does there's always the solo careers.

George Harrison Soul Man Vol. 1 is an 8 x 8 inch hardback book by Beatle expert John Blaney that examines The Quiet One's solo recorded output starting with Wonderwall in 1968 up to George Harrison in 1979. Even the most informed among us will find new facts and insights in Blaney's well-written text which gets right to the heart and soul of George's musical journey. Equally as enticing are the 400-plus images of album and single sleeves, US and UK label variations and trade-ads. What struck me most reading the book was just how music George made, or helped make, as the book also looks at his production work for other artists during the early days of Apple Records.

Harrison's post Beatles career is often unfairly overlooked or sidelined when compared to those of McCartney and Lennon (plus ├ža change), All Things Must Pass and Concert For Bangladesh notwithstanding, but with his back catalogue recently appearing on all the streaming sites it won't cost you a penny to listen and re-immerse yourself with his lesser known gems. Save your money instead for this lavish book which will compliment and enhance your listening. With a cast of characters that includes Billy Preston, Doris Troy, Eric Clapton, Delaney & Bonnie, as well as Hare Krishna devotees, Hell's Angels, Bob Dylan, Phil Spector and the Monty Python Team, this book is proof that while George may have described himself as an “economy class Beatle”, the truth is he was anything but.

Soul Man (Vol 1) is jointly published by Paper Jukebox & Mega Dodo Records.