Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Proud Peasant – Cosmic Sound (Ltd. Col 7”)

Visit the heady days of 1973 via this 7” coloured vinyl disc!

A new band to me but very welcome, Proud Peasant are a perfect fit on Fruits de Mer Records with their brand of '70s-inspired progressive rock. This limited edition 7” sees them give their take on two instrumental tracks from 1973; a taut and driving cover of Eloy's 'Daybreak' on the A-side, with a version of 'Saturn, Lord Of The Ring/Mercury, The Winged Messenger' (originally by Manfred Mann's Earth Band) on the flip.

Despite their love of '70s UK/German music, the band actually hail from Austin, Texas, a city which has its own reputation as a psychedelically creative hotspot. This release further cements that. Virtuosic and even a little proto-punk in places, both sides are a treat for lovers of classic progressive rock. For further investigation check out their critically acclaimed debut LP Flight. More details on the band's website.

Released as a limited edition colour vinyl 7” (600 copies).

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