Monday, 7 March 2016

Sendelica - Ziggy Stardust

Welsh spacerockers' tribute to Bowie gets released on 7” vinyl!

As the we adjust to living in a post-Bowie world, and try to work out what that might mean, the column page tributes continue to pile up. Save for Lady Gaga and Lourdes there haven't been that many musical tributes. Fruits de Mer Records released a timely Bowie tribute CD at the tail end of last year for their regular customers. Whether the man himself ever got to hear it is unclear. It's comforting to think he might.

Sendelicahad a live acoustic version of 'Ziggy Stardust' on that compilation but it's a seven minute studio version that's getting a stand-alone release on 7” vinyl next month. It does not attempt to recreate Ronson's crunchy glammed-up guitar chords that give the original it's pomp and purpose, opting instead for a slower, more ethereal and atmospheric take. The yin to Bowie's yang is provided by the layered female vocal. The B-side is an equally enthralling remix by Astralasia's Marc Swordfish. Both sides honour Bowie's preference for the new and experimental over anything tried and tested. David would no doubt have approved.

Released as a limited edition colour vinyl 7” (600 copies).

Click here for more on Sendelica.
Click here for Fruits de Mer Records.

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