Tuesday, 7 August 2018

39th & The Nortons - The Dreamers

(This review first appeared in issue #74 of Shindig! magazine.)

Stolen Body CD/LP

What started as the bedroom project of Nick Wheeldon (Os Noctàmbulos) has blossomed into a new line-up including members of Bootchy Temple and Jaromil Sabor. Though they've only been together since the start of the year it's clear this Paris-based quintet has some serious alchemy going on. The sound of The Dreamers may have roots in garage rock but there's an optimism, an openess, a sense of possibility and a passion here that's not often found in the genre.

The songs are all melodically memorable but what really sets them apart is the genuine emotional delivery. In that sense The Dreamers owes as much to soul or gospel as it does scratchy garage punk. This is the third attempt at recording a follow up to 2012's On Trial, the first two sets of recordings deemed not up to scratch. It's worth the wait. From the heart, strangely uplifting and an unexpected gem.

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