Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The Dealers - Turning Upside Down EP

(This review first appeared in issue #74 of Shindig! magazine.)

Action Weekend/Bickerton 7"

This three-tracker from the Basque country quartet is a black vinyl time-capsule that mixes '60s British blues boom with a hint of freakbeat. Very 1965. It captures the band at full throttle, their lean, mean sound delivered at a pace that'd make Lewis Hamilton want to pull off the track and have a good cry. 'Wearing A Frown (Again)' is a souped-up rhythm 'n' blues stomper which manages to fit a catchy chorus, wailing harmonica and and a couple of guitar solos into its two minute span.

'My Little Gem' is a mod dancefloor filler - call and response vocals, frantic bass line, with a smidgeon of backwards guitar. It's a track worth any mod's jukebox money. 'Got No Gouda' may be a throwaway jokey tale about lacking some Dutch cheese but it's played with conviction and an attitude that would rival those rum punks from '77. Neat, neat, neat!

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