Saturday, 4 August 2018

Buffalo Killers - Alive And Well In Ohio

(This review first appeared in issue #73 of Shindig! magazine.)

Alive CD / LP

Always one of the more astute bands on the Alive roster. Buffalo Killers may be long of hair, full of beard, and stacked of amps, but they're not afraid to get in touch with their soulful, nuanced side. Beefed-up country rock with a chunk of funk thrown in, brotherly harmonies and a musicality not often found in a rock outfit makes this album a delight. Think Crazy Horse armed with diminished and augmented chords.

Incredibly this is the band's eighth LP and they show no sign of letting up with ideas and inspired moments. Take for example the leftfield guitar solo and Curtis Mayfield-esque falsetto on 'Parachute', the high-to-low vocal descent on the last line of the chorus in 'Death Magic Cookie', and the pedal-steel embellishments by (new-ish) member Sven Kahns. There's also enough riffage and grunge to keep the rockers happy. Not only alive and well, they're positively thriving.

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