Thursday, 2 August 2018

The Lords Of Thyme - Pellets

(This review first appeared in issue #72 of Shindig! magazine.)

Sunstone LP

Their version of 'Hares On The Mountain' with Bonnie Dobson was one of the standout tracks on the Shirley Collins tribute LP Shirley Inspired, so a fair amount of anticipation awaits their full-length debut. Though released on CD last year, it now gets a much warranted vinyl outing that doesn't disappoint, opening with great interpretations of two traditional folk songs - the murder ballad 'Bruton Town', and supernatural love song 'George Collins'.

Though touted purely as a folk rock band, there's more to them than that, as evidenced by the six remaining original songs– 'Freight Train To Rainham' is a Booker T style groovy soul instrumental and the sumptuous pedal steel playing hints there may be a country rock band lurking somewhere within.

Fans of the folk-rock's high watermark (Fairport, Pentangle, Sanny Denny et al) will find themselves a favourite new record and a band with four great vocalists and superb musicianship.

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