Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Dream Giant - A Different Light

(This review first appeared in issue #72 of Shindig! magazine.)

Paisley Parade CD / LP

The Roger Dean-a-like artwork may promise heavy prog but Dream Giant's debut overflows with ideas-packed psychedelic indiepop. It's (almost) all the work of one man, Harry Dean, formerly a member of Bear Driver who's reinvented himself as an auteur of kaleidoscopic neo-psych. In lesser hands it could come across as lightweight and twee, but there are enough ideas and melodic twists here, along with an intelligence, that makes this a delight from start to finish. And for a bedroom recording it sounds lush and epic.

Opener 'Every Song' may be one of the best pop songs you'll hear all year, breezily melodic and catchy to the max. 'Moonfire Mountain' sounds like early JAMC albeit with a wide-eyed optimism and sense of wonder. The spirit of '67 is alive, well and in good hands. And in the true spirit of psych it will melt minds in most delightful ways. The future looks bright.

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