Sunday, 26 February 2012

Young Astronaut debut LP Fawn - Free Download

In these strange times when music has little monetary value, the world is awash with free MP3s, usually as a taster for full length albums that you may be then tempted to buy. Or as a thank you for signing up to a band's mailing list. If you were of the mind you could actually amass a half decent music collection, legally, and without having to break into your piggy bank. Of course as any shellac dealer can tell you the value is in the format baby; rare, coloured and collectable vinyl is where the money is.

In fact so omnipresent are the words free MP3 that they usually fill me with a sense of dread, nothing makes me feel more jaded and cynical. Which is why this week I've been pleasantly surprised to come across Fawn, the debut album from Young Astronaut. The band are giving the whole album away via their website ( It's a heartfelt blend of folk and indie, with fine playing and strong songs. It has in no small way restored some of my faith in the future of music and youth culture in general. I've listened to it a couple of times this week at work and it's fair to say I was transported. That's emotionally, not carted off against my will! Anyway I reckon you should check it out via the stream below or click on the cover art above to download from the band's website. Enjoy!